Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hey...pass the word around...visit for the best quality Natural Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka sold in the UK


  1. it is amazing for my skin and health

  2. Coconut Miracle products are certified organic with SL organic standards, EU, USDA and the ONLY LOCAL BRAND with UK organic certification. Isn't it amazing 🤩!

    Organic Raw Coconut Aminos - This is a healthy all purpose seasoning and the perfect alternative to your usual soya sauce. @coconut_miracle coconut aminos is soy free, gluten free, no msg added and it's vegan. This has a really strong aroma and the taste got a little hint of sweetness which was quite nice😍.

    Organic raw virgin coconut butter - This is a silky smooth, creamy spread and it has a strong coconut aroma & flavour. This can be used for cooking, as a spread on toast and our favourite way to have coconut butter was to add it our daily salad.

    Organic coconut jelly spread - We had the chance to try out both cocoa & cinnamon flavours of the jelly spread. This jelly spread is quite unique and loved the coconut caramel taste in the spread blended well with cocoa & cinnamon flavours. Do try it out, you might really like it.

    Organic raw extra virgin coconut oil - @coconut_miracle is made using 100% Natural RAW Premium Quality Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin coconut oil has numerous amount of benefits and is an essential ingredient for daily cooking at home✨.